Geosciences B.S.

Bachelor of Science - Geosciences

College of Humanities & Sciences

Degree Specific Credits: 62

Required Cumulative GPA: 2.0

Catalog Year: 2019-2020

Note: This option is designed for students who seek post-graduate employment as a professional geoscientist or preparation for graduate study in geosciences.

General Education Requirements

Information regarding these requirements can be found in the General Education Section of the catalog.


Lower-Division Core8
Degree Electives24
Cognate Sciences30
Computer Science
Total Hours62

Lower-Division Core

Rule: Complete all of the courses in one of two options. Completion of either option fulfills the Lower Division Core requirements.

Option 1

Complete all of the following courses:
GEO 101NIntroduction to Physical Geology3
GEO 102NIntroduction to Physical Geology Lab1
GEO 211Earth's History and Evolution4
Total Hours8

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Option 2

Complete all of the following courses:
GEO 103NIntroduction to Environmental Geology3
GEO 104NIntroduction to Environmental Geology Laboratory1
GEO 211Earth's History and Evolution4
Total Hours8

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Degree Electives

Complete 24 credits of the following courses:24
GEO 225
Earth Materials
GEO 291
Special Topics
GEO 305
Igneous & Metamorph Petrology
GEO 309
GEO 311
GEO 315
Structural Geology
GEO 318
Climate System Dynamics
GEO 320
Global Water
GEO 327
GEO 391
Special Topics
GEO 420
GEO 421
GEO 433
Global Tectonics
GEO 439
GEO 443
Principles of Sedimentary Petrology
GEO 460
Process Geomorphology
GEO 482
Global Change
GEO 488
Snow, Ice and Climate
GEO 491
Special Topics
Total Hours24

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Cognate Sciences

Rule: In addition to completing course work in Geosciences, a minimum of 30 credits in cognate science classes must be completed. More advanced courses in Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, and Physics may be used to meet the 30 credit minimum total in cognate sciences. BIOB 101N or above is also appropriate. Course substitutions for the 30 credit minimum in cognate sciences must be approved by a departmental advisor.


Complete one of the following sequences:10
Algebra- and Trigonometry-based Physics:
& PHSX 206N
College Physics I
and College Physics I Laboratory
& PHSX 208N
College Physics II
and College Physics II Laboratory
Calculus-based Physics:
& PHSX 216N
Fund of Physics w/Calc I
and Physics Laboratory I w/Calc
& PHSX 218N
Fund of Physics w/Calc II
and Physics Laboratory II w/Calc

Minimum Required Grade: C-


Complete one of the following:3-5
Introduction to General Chemistry
& CHMY 142N
College Chemistry I
and College Chemistry I Lab
Total Hours3-5

Minimum Required Grade: C-


Complete all of the following courses:
M 171Calculus I4
M 172Calculus II4
Total Hours8

Minimum Required Grade: C-

Computer Science

Note: These courses are recommended to complete the Computer Science requirement. Credit may be received for only 2 of these 3 courses as needed to meet the 30 credit minimum cognate science requirement.

Complete one or two of the following courses:3-7
CSCI 172
Intro to Computer Modeling
GPHY 284
Intro to GIS and Cartography
STAT 216
Introduction to Statistics
Total Hours3-7

Minimum Required Grade: C-